Inauguration of the Cultural and Archaeological Center in Nowa Słupia in the year 2011 resulted from the efforts undertaken to promote results of the research on the iron metallurgy and the Roman period on the Polish lands and the cultural relations between the Central Europe and the Roman Empire. The concept of the new center covered the creation of reconstructions of particular structures and phenomena known from archaeological sources with a special focus on the results of research on the metallurgical center in the Świętokrzystkie Mountains. The name ‘The Świętokrzyskie Center of Experimental Archaeology’ was given by the concept authors – active members of the Świetokrzystkie Association of Industrial Heritage and was inserted into the construction project prepared by an architectural studio of Władysław Markulis as a part of the investment called
‘Conservation of slag-pit furnace areas’

Project sketch of a long house in the Center. Drawing by Valery Zinkevich

The Cultural and archeological Center in Nowa Słupia during the construction period in April 2011.
In the foreground The Museum of Ancient Metallurgy from the Świętokrzystkie Region in Świętokrzyska Street. Photo by A. Przychodni